Sunday, December 20

Happy 5th Birthday to My Love #AutisticKidsRock #Carnival #Birthdays

My baby boy turned 5 this month.  I can't believe it.  I wanted to have games at the party that he could participate in since he never gets to do things like that at others parties.  You'd be surprised at how much he's left out of.  I never want to do that to him, so I make sure on his day, we do things he can do.  So I gave Sy a carnival themed Birthday.  We did one of his favorite sensory things, water play, but as the Carnival Duck Pond game.

There also was a couple Stick the sticker on the Poster kind of games, like a Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Every kid was a winner.   We blew up a lot of Punch balls, and balloons to throw around. We blew up inflatable swords, and animals for Carnival Prizes as well.  Sy had so much fun, and I could tell in his eyes, and his smile that he was enjoying himself.  He doesn't talk, but his eye's said it all for me.  He was happy, the moment that cake came out for him, he was  so happy.

If you want a few ideas for a Toddlers Birthday Party, have a Carnival Themed Party.  I even found a face-cut out Banner for Photo Ops.  The personalized Banner I painted myself that Says Happy Birthday Sy (The Poster Board Cost $1.00), while the red/white table cloth, and Face Cut out Banner was under $10.00.  I also found Red/White Popcorn Bowls to use for the Food Table at the Dollar Store as well.

My nieces dubbed it Best Birthday Ever.  If you have no idea what to do for your Toddlers next Birthday, do their favorite TV Character/Carnival Theme for Prizes.


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