Sunday, June 21

Get Out And Play! #SummertimePlay @Voice_of_Play #sp

Today is officially the first day of Summer!  Get out there and have some Summertime Play! This post is sponsored by the Voice of Play. 

There are many benefits to Free time play, and expression while running around having fun on the playgrounds.  From Exploration, Cognitive Skills, even to Social Interaction with other children. Or just alone time while using imagination.  It's all important.

IPEMA likes to think of playgrounds as "nature’s many colorful, open, hands-on classrooms that provide tremendous learning opportunities to kids of all ages."  I agree 100%.

Do you have a favorite Park? Whats the reason this makes it your favorite place to take the kids?

Our favorite park has a huge Ship, which makes sense since we are close to Jamestown.  It also has a fenced in younger kids section that is perfect for Sy.

His sensory needs are met by the mini rock climbers, the embedded faux wall with old time tools, and camp ground. A lot of built in's under to pirate ship to spin, and on top.  Even a Crows Nest.  For the older kids, there is a Mini Zipline, and Higher Climbing wall with a Slide at the top.  It's an amazing park, and experience.  Great for Summer Time Play!

I challenge you to go out to a park, and play! :)  


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