Friday, October 25

Donated my hair!

Something that is dear to me, is keeping my hair healthy enough to donate to locks of love.  Everyone needs to maintain, and get their hair cut right? The way I see it.  My hair is not my own.  It has not been my own since I had to get an ORIF, and cadavers in my leg to be able to walk.  I can't donate my bones anytime soon, but I can grow my hair out to donate to someone that does need it. I have been donating my hair for the past decade almost.  Every 2-3 years I get over 11 inches cut off.  I believe in Karma, and paying it forward.  Sometimes it takes something like this to humble a person, and what happened to me did humble me.  I wouldn't be the person I am today, or where I am at in life if it didn't happen.

When it gets to that redonk length that I sit on it, it takes individual sections to brush.. and forever to dry ( I don't blow dry.) It's time to donate. 

Doesn't Falcon look adorable with my hair on his head?? This was the night before I donated it.  I do miss it, but I know it'll grow fast, and I can donate it again.

It's still to my shoulders, so it's not too short. Everyone should donate, least a few times in their life time. I think its just excuses when people say "I don't have time.", "The hair isn't donated.", "I want to cut it myself, and mail it in." But they never do.  If you can make all those excuses, why can't you just get it cut, and donate.  There are also plenty of ways to get shampoo cheap, and free too.  I use Silicone, and Sulfate free shampoos.  

Did you know most Salons will cut your hair free if you tell them you want to donate it.  Just call around, and ask.  

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