Thursday, September 19

Royal Baby Prince George's Nickname Will Be "Georgie"

A Royal Nickname

The world's new baby prince is here, and by now we all know that his name is George Alexander Louis. However, Prince Charles recently revealed that the little prince will go by the nickname "Georgie." He also told everyone that he and Camilla are "pleased as punch" to be new grandparents, and also joked that little Georgie is "very loud." The late Prince George, Duke of Kent, was also called Georgie by his family. What an adorable nickname for an adorable little guy!

Busy Man

Little Prince Georgie has had a super busy week since arriving on July 22! He went home with mom and dad only about 24 hours after his birth, and has since been visited by Prince Charles and Camilla, his uncle Prince Harry, his grandparents and aunt from his mommy's side, and of course, his most famous visitor, his great grandmother, who also happens to be the Queen of England. The little guy has had a very busy week, so hopefully by now, things are calming down, and he can get some rest, along with mom and dad as well! Kate only had around 24 hours in the hospital, so we are sure that she was exhausted! William acknowledged that little Gerogie was a loud one as well, so we are sure that he needs a little bit of rest too!

"He's a big boy and he's got a good set of lungs that's for sure," Prince William said. "He's got his mother's looks luckily."

Modern Parents

We are excited to see how Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge will raise Prince George. Both Will and Kate are especially modern parents, and have gone out of the way to show everyone that things don't have to be done exactly like they used to be! Prince Harry has already said that he is going to make sure that his new little nephew knows how to have fun, so the little guy has that to look forward to! Will and Kate are sure to be very hands on parents, and while we are sure that they will try to keep their new little guy out of the limelight at least a little bit, we are also pretty sure that they will make sure that he gets to have lots of experiences and fun, and doesn't feel like he is missing out on anything! We can't wait to follow this adorable new prince as he grows up in front of all of us!

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