Monday, July 15

Tweet the @DailyReHash Guys! You might be #HashTag #Famous! Or just like #WatermelonOreos, and #Twinkies.

Watermelon Oreos Are Here | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

Have you seen the Watermelon Oreos yet? I am guilty of being TryCurious too!

I'm really digging the jokes on Daily ReHash.  Mostly because we have the same sense of humor.  To joke about things that kind've don't really matter, that are all over the media.  Host @EricArtell cracks me up with his jokes, and facial expressions.

You know we all were thinking that, but no one wanted to say it out loud. 

You can find Daily Rehash on Twitter @DailyReHash. Don't believe me that it's a funny show??! Check them out for yourself. Also, don't forget to Tweet your favorite Celeb Gossip/Jokes, and could be featured on the show by The Daily ReHash Guys. You might be #HashTag #Famous!

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