Saturday, July 13 Giveaway (Ever seen those cute family stickers on cars?? That's them!)

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     Have you seen those cute family decals everyone sports on their vehicle now a days?? I, like most ,have had a set on my vehicle as well but the family dynamic has changed since my previous one (add a kid as well as 2 cats). I found this site FamilyStickers, while browsing and stumbled across many things that caught my eye. They have everything form colored decals to chrome, for tinted or non, for cars or trucks..the possibilities are endless. Plus they do more than car decals apparel, stationary and housewares included.. take a look here.

     I chose the custom design family stickers, the designing was super easy and the choices were amazing. Because we are not a "zombie" family we stuck with regular people(stick figures with personality) but if you are a zombie family they have decals for that:)

     I'm a special ed sub teacher aide so I chose the education decal for me, my kids all have sports they enjoy so I created their personality on each sticker(bowling, all sports &ballet) and my animals , well who couldn't leave them out they are family too.

     They have pretty much any animal you can imagine form a flying squirrel to a
giraffe (who am I to judge) :)
     Its 7am in sunny California and as most know in the summer we do reach in the 110 degree area, so I decided to clean my windows last night so I was ready in the morning when the glass was not on fire. The company sends your decals on one long coated paper and I did have 9 characters on mine

..sooo I read the directions super easy to understand. Each decal has its own area none are overlapping or close and I was afraid I would not be able to handle the long paper so I pulled a pair of scissors and cut each figure out. (trust me its easier this way and you can align your people better). I eyeballed the bottom of my window space, removed backing and started placing the people on the left side of my Expedition window
(staying away from the wiper blades, of course). 

The animals I placed on the right side

 because there is 4 of them and we would have been all over the blades. Once placed, I went to the first one smoothed it out with my finger then took the top corner and slowly pulled down
 just to be sure that the sticker had adhered to the window. *PERFECT*!!
 And that was it soo easy! If you happen to have a bubble that you cant smooth out take a safety pin,pop it, and smooth out decal. I've done enough of these in my past that this was pretty simple.
 So are you looking to give your car or truck family style personality? I did!! This Family Stickers company is right on, the ordering is easy, simple step by step instructions. After you order you get confirmation and have a small window for changes and delivery is fast and easy. And they provide a very nice return policy .

**I was given the opportunity to review the product in exchange for my opinion based on my experience**  I was very impressed with the quality of product and how well they turned out.The company was easy to work with and I feel they do as stated for their business..My opinion is my own and may differ from someone elses**

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  1. I will probably get a pirate family for my husband's Durango!!

  2. There are so many adorable choices! I think for my family I would be very basic because my kids' likes and hobbies are always changing. We would have dad, mom, big brother, big sister, and little brother. And of course, our two kitties! :)

  3. i would go for small family color stickers

  4. We would get a color family the dad would be a video game guy, I would have the long hair and headband, Our oldest would have the fairy outfit and our youngest would be the ballerina, add in our two cats (with bows) and that is our complete family!