Thursday, June 6

“What does a little monster take?”…“A Potty Break!” #PullUpsPottyBreaks #Ad

I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to Potty Training.  I also have no problem admitting I am a first time mom either! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups.

We all start somewhere right? He will always be my baby, but what I do know is he's starting to take his diaper off after he uses it.  It's time to Potty Train my Big Kid, right? Right!

I keep calling the Monsters U Training pants his big kid underwear.  He has noticed the texture is different than his other diapers already. He also climbed up onto the toilet himself.  Now what? If you have any ideas, or suggestions what worked for you, Please tell me!! I am also learning more by going to Huggies Pullup's Potty Training Tips.  It's really cute, there are timers to download, even to sign up to get a phone call from Mike or Sully.

I am willing to try anything that makes this fun, and interesting for him.  He starts therapy for speech, and sensory soon at Childrens Hospital.  I am always trying to find ways to keep his interest for learning new things.  To express himself (He's non-verbal right now.) and tell me he has to go will mean so much to me.  So far, so good! This is when that No Fear Mentality will come handy.

To get Sy excited about being on the potty we also kept the Monsters U theme going by making some cookies as a treat.  I am proud of him for even sitting on the potty without throwing a fit. I also have a surprise for him when he uses the potty for the first time.  It hasn't happened yet, but I have been watching him like a mama hawk, and ready to put him on the toilet when I see him stop to go (This kid is always on the go, and into something.)

Pull-Ups helps take the scare out of potty training by making it fun and easy with new Monsters U character training pants! You can help make potty training easier by staying consistent and using rituals like the potty break. Make it a game and ask your toddler, “What does a little monster take?”…“A Potty Break!”

Visit and “like” Pull-Ups on Facebook for more potty training tips and resources.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups.


  1. What a big boy! I can't wait to get here, I have a few months still at least. Good luck!