Friday, June 21

Join The Hydration Movement!

Happy First Day Of Summer Everyone!

Here are a few Hydration Tips For The Whole Family! Because of Health Problems, I've had to stop drinking any kind of carbonated sodas/water, coffee, and barely any tea (oh how I could drink coffee, and tea all day.) Now I drink mostly water, and might reward myself with tea once a week or so.  Which really isn't a bad thing.  Water is extremely critical for all life.  I would also rather give my 2 year old water when he is thirsty than overly sugar juices, and drinks.  It's not because I have anything really against it, but I just know all that is needed when you are thirsty, is water.  

We love the water,  so it's natural that our son does too.  I love this movement that Nestle Pure Life has started.  I truly believe when you are thirsty, you should drink water.  Nothing else is going to quench your thirst like water.

I try to just go with the flow of things.  Life really is too short, and precious to get upset over things that shouldn't matter.  All that should matter is a healthy family, your best to support that, the kids, a place to live.  Messes,  competing with others, and unwanted drama does not matter.  I believe that is part of living within your means too.  

Moms have provided many pure words of wisdom. Listed below is some of our favorite advice.

“Be patient, breathe, and smile. Everything will always work out.” #momswisdom
“Don’t be a worrywart” #momswisdom
“Be independent and follow your dreams.” #momswisdom
“If someone is giving you a hard time, give them kindness in return.” #momswisdom
“It’s always better to walk away than to say words you can’t take back.” #momswisdom
“Don’t let small details upset you. Look at the big picture and what's really important.” #momswisdom
“Your individuality makes you unique and wonderful.” #momswisdom
“Mother knows best” #momswisdom
“Opportunity is always knocking, you just have to listen hard enough to hear it.” #momswisdom
“Trust your gut instincts.” #momswisdom
“Learn from your past but do not let it define you.” #momswisdom

Disclaimer: Sponsored by NestlĂ©® Pure Life®

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  1. Lovely pictures and I also thing water is the best for us. Not being able to drink water is the best thing we could all do. Have a nice week and if you have time stop by and visit my as I am in the campaign as well and I have a linky up so we can all stay in touch.