Saturday, May 25

Fruit 2 O Dial It Back Party, and Sweepstakes.

I had never even thought anything of fruit 2 o til hosting this Dial It Back Party.  We received some really cool color changing cups.  The flavors were Strawberry, Watermelon, Grape, and Lime.  

I had frozen fresh cut mango slices to add to the drinks.  It was really cool seeing the mango float like Ice Cubes.  

While drinking the Fruit 2 O, Everyone forgot they were drinking water (zero calorie.. it's WATER!) The mango was also a sweet treat at the bottom of the glass too.  

Becky said "I forgot I was even drinking water." 

There are different kinds of recipes to use the fruit2O in,

Right now there is also a facebook/app Sweepstakes to win some great prizes from Fruit 2 O.  You can go here to Fruit 2 O's Facebook to Like, and Enter.  Fruit 2 O Dial It Back Sweepstakes.  

We received these items for free.  

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