Friday, February 22

Violent Lips Review.

Violent lips makes temporary lip tattoos.  I had so much fun trying to cut down the temp tattoo lips to fit my size.  I messed up the first one (my bad.) But I knew exactly where, and how to place the second one.  Luckily each pack comes with three. What I am wearing in the picture is called Honey Dew.  It's part of the Glitteratti Collection.  Can you tell I like the color green? 

Applying the lips are as easy as cutting it down to fit,  you then peel off the plastic film, and line up on your lips.  The glitter side down.  Then you wet the outside where the white paper is (Yep, just like temporary tattoos.) But these have a special vitamin formula.  

I think Violent lips pretty awesome.   The dual toned look makes it unique.  I'm saving my last one for Saint Patties Day.  

I received these samples for free for my honest opinion.  As you can see! I did wear them, and I think they are unique.

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