Monday, October 8

Are you Creepy Enough? Take the Quiz! Enter To Win Dark Shadows BluRay Combo Pack!!

I've been looking forward to Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp to be released! I'm a Tim Burton fan too. So this Vampire Comedy from Tim Burton, and Warner brothers is right up my dark alley!

If you haven't heard of this Movie. Check out the Trailer that's on the bottom of the App. You can take the quiz, and unlock different trailers too. Also, after you take the quiz, enter on raffle copter with what you are! For a chance to win a Dark Shadows BluRay Combo Pack!! It's that easy to enter.

Enter here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am Creepily Conservative!  Of course I flirt with evil! ;D What are you?!

Giveaway Begins 10/8/2012, Ends 10/15/2012. U.S. Residents Only. If you can't use rafflecopter for some reason. Just post a comment below with your Quiz Answer on How Creepy you are! And you are entered!! It's that simple! This is just a fun promotion for being Part of the PartnersHub Family! Warner Brothers supplied these materials for the Giveaway of the Dark Shadows Blu-Ray Combo Set.  


  1. Collins Creep-tastic. Oh great. It's bad enough that they're using my last name. They just HAD to add that lovely moniker to it. lol.

    I'd love to win this. For more than just the last name is the same. lol

    1. lol!! That is a pretty creepy coincidence. Cool tho!

  2. Creepily Conservative .....a spider could NEVER be my friend *shivers*

  3. I am Creepily Conservative! Thanks!!

  4. I am Creepily Conservative! Of course I flirt with evil! ;D What are you?!