Wednesday, September 5

Aroma Rice Cooker & Food Steamer Review

AROMA, Rice Cooker & Food Steamer (Model ARC-150SB.)

I enjoy cooking , yet sometimes it really does feel like such a chore.  We eat a lot of rice, not just because it's healthy carbs, but also it's fairly cheap.  Aroma House Wares has the perfect rice cooker,  it can steam vegetables, or even meat while the rice cooks beneath.  It was extremely easy to use.  If you're afraid of programmable appliances, don't be.  All you have to do is click the button for what you are cooking,   White Rice, Brown Rice, Steam, Slow Cook, Delay Timer (Can be up to 12-hours, so if you work long hours, this would be perfect.)  The rice maker can make 4-20 Cups of rice.  

The Rice Cooker & Steamer comes with a spatula, steam tray that goes inside to steam, and helps keep all good nutrients inside the food.  The inside has measuring lines, to make it easier to use.  I also loved that the inside of the Rice cooker, can be taken out, and washed.  It's easy to clean up.  

The instructions for cooking the rice are so easy, literally 3 Quick Steps.  I just added my 3 cups of rice, added the water to match up with the line it says too, and then I pushed the brown rice button.

I like my rice to have a little kick to it, so I add dried garlic, onions, and red peppers.  While the rice is cooking, the dried herbs become moist again, and season the rice.

Personally, by adding dry herbs,  I never get tired of just regular rice.  It's never really regular.  You can add just about anything you want.  I prefer dried.  I've used beef jerky before in my rice as it cooked just to give it that beef flavor. You can test, and play around with what you, and your family likes to eat.  I also make more than what we eat for dinner, that way I have left overs for the week for lunches.  Rice cookers really are fantastic. 

For my vegetables,  I used fresh cut broccoli,  The grocery store had 2 heads on sale for 2.00, so I figured why not? I love broccoli.  My shopping consists of whats in season, and what's on sale.  That way I always have something green, and delicious.  I do use 0 calorie butter spray, and lemon seasoning.  That's all I did for the broccoli, The Tray goes right over the rice, and it steams as the rice cooks.  

The Rice turned out delicious, I added it to Coconut Chicken I had fried up.  It was great having the rice, and veggies cook together.  Away from the stove, that way all I had to do was prepare the chicken.  I could have just steamed meat, or added some kind of beans to the rice for extra protein but I was craving coconut chicken that day.

Really, you can steam and cook anything in this,  even pulled pork, fish, chicken, whatever it is your family enjoys to eat.  I enjoyed that it was easy to use. Dinner doesn't have to be hard, or time consuming.  

Verdict:  Terrific Rice Cooker & Food Steamer, Easy to use, easy to clean up.  Great kitchen appliance for any one, big family, small family, stay at home, or on the go.  It's a must have appliance for in the kitchen.

Sending an abundance of Aroma love to Aroma House Wares over on Facebook.

I received this Rice Cooker & Steamer for free in exchange for an open, honest, review of the product.  I love to test new things that makes life easier.


  1. I want one of those! We make rice often, but I've never thought of adding herbs. What a great idea! I'll have to try that!

  2. I need an easy-to-use product like this! It would be so convenient to use to make rice or steaming vegetables. Maybe we could finally get away from those frozen ones! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I need one of these! I would love to make veggies and white rice. You can make so many things with a good steamer.


  5. That unit looks so neat! I would love to try this product. I will have to look into one of these.

  6. Wow, that is the brand of rice cooker I am using.I cook rice almost everyday, Filipinos staple food is rice so I WE eat rice,2 TO 4 TIMES daily.Anyway .i bought mine October 2010 and still working as of today.I am happy with it and if ever I need to buy a new one ,I will definitely buy Aroma.
    Hey, maybe I pitch them for a product review.

    1. I replaced my old one that only did 4 cups of rice, and Aroma has great customer service.

  7. I would love to have one of these! There is so much you can do with one, and I hear Aroma's are excellent!

  8. Love this! Mine is broken and I so need a new one!

  9. I have this rice cooker and absolutely love it!

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