Friday, September 21

The Bronx Naturals Soy Candle Bella Review

100% Soy Wax Candle, Natural Fragrance & Cotton Wick

From one avid candle user, and lover of natural oils to another I'd like to introduce you to, Soy Candles.  This Candle is called Bella. 

The experience of ripe peach and earthy sandalwood's really do fill the room. I enjoyed the sweetness of the candle.   I like my candles sweet like I am. The wax is extremely oily, and can be used on the skin once cooled down some.  So that's always a plus. I've been burning my candle almost every other day these past 2 weeks for about 3 hours a day, and it's only half way melted.   I have nothing but positive things to say about this candle.  

Little Info On The Bronx Naturals, The Candles have a burn life of 40 hours. Like I said before, mine is only half way melted.  Soy Wax really does burn longer.  The only thing to keep into consideration is to always make sure the cotton wick is trimmed to 1/8", and to let the candle burn evenly for a few hours before blowing it out.   Like any candle,  it should be respected, and used at caution.  

The Bronx Naturals makes some fantastic, Natural fragrances for their 100% Soy Wax Candles.  

  • Bella: Ripe Peaches & Sandalwood 
  • Fresco: Exotic Floral & Ginger 
  • Temptress: Sandalwood
  • Lemon Energy: Sweet Lemon, Sage, & Orange Blossom 
  • Velvet Rose: Exotic Woodsy Fresh Rose, & Jasmine

Limited Time:  Classic Vanilla, or Classic Lavender.  

I received Bella to sample for my review.  I really am hooked, for just an 11oz candle, the aroma it releases put me into such a great mood.  I give this candle 5 out of 5 stars.  I love to experience products that last more than just one use.

If you want to give a great soy candle a chance.  I would definitely make The Bronx  Naturals a go to for a gift for yourself or some one that loves a great aromatherapy candle.

My motto is.. TRY IT! You might like it!

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  1. Peach and sandalwood sound like a really yummy smelling combo!

  2. Great review! I LOVE candles and these look great! I would love to try the Velvet Rose one...I bet it smells heavenly! Had never heard of these candles until now, so thanks for sharing!

  3. So awesome! I love candles and had to quit using them because of the toxins in them. I am happy to now know that there is another option that would be safe! :) Nothing warms up a room quite like the flickering flame of a nicely scented candle. I think I would love any of those fragrances! :)

  4. Those look great! You can never have too many candles!

  5. I love candles and the more natural, the better! I'd love to try the Lemon Energy one.. I bet it's super yummy <3