Saturday, September 1

Garden Botanika CoQ10 Facial Mist & Repair Cream

I never realized how many great products were out there til recently.  Instead of wasting money on lotions that just smell good, but have no vitamins in them, I've been on a mission to find ones that actually have things worth moisturizing, firming, and help to rebuild cells.

I've been using Garden Botanika Skin Care, CoQ10 Facial Mist, and CoQ10 Repair Cream.

I turned 30 in July, and it hit me that my skin isn't the same as it was.  It will never be the same, but I CAN, help slow down the aging process.

The Facial CoQ10 Mist is really refreshing.  Just a couple sprays and my face felt cool, and tightened.

After using the Mist, I use the Repair Cream.  At first there is a light Aloe smell, but once rubbed in, it completely goes away.  I love that both have CoQ10 in it.

You can save 50% off On Super Saving Tuesdays (They base this on sales, and what other customers favorites.) So that's pretty awesome. There's always some type of sale going on.

The facial mist really is a must,  I use it after I shower, and before I go to bed, it's so easy to just mist.  I already use leave in spray Conditioners for my hair, why not my face too?? I'm not getting any younger here!

I received these products for free for my honest, open, opinion.


  1. Would love to try this AND it's cruelty free. you know I love that. i need to look into more Garden Botanika!

  2. Cruelty free, and made in the USA Baaaybee.

  3. Oh I want some. I would try almost anything to slow the aging process.

  4. I've never tried a facial mist before, sounds like something worth looking into.

  5. I would try that mist. I have one that I use now, it's really nice, but I like how radiant mists can make skin look and I'd be up to try more. I use mine after the shower, too. The cream looks nice and I don't mind the smell of aloe

  6. "I've been using Garden Botanika Skin Care, CoQ10 Facial Mist, and CoQ10 Repair Cream."

    Is this really effective? I think CoQ10 just works in preventing heart problems?

    1. Hiya Christine,

      I believe so, only because
      CoQ10 is actually an enzyme that is naturally produced by your body. It is found within every tissue, every cell and every part of your body and is important for many of the biological functions that take place within each and every one of us. It does many things -

      It helps to produced energy within the body. Studies have actually shown that as much as 95% of the energy produced within the body is helped along by the CoQ10 enzyme.
      All of those free radicals that are present in your body doing harm are neutralized by CoQ10 enzymes.
      Your entire is body kept healthy from the skin on the outside to the cells on the inside and everything else in between! Biochemical reactions cause the cells to regenerate and multiply and without Coenzyme Q 10, there would be no growing of the cells taking place.

      Why not on the outside of your body too? Some studies also show it can be used against things like heart disease, and cancer. Some sunblock even has CoQ10 in it. IMO using it for your skin would be also great. No matter what, can always ask a doctor.

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