Saturday, March 24

Little Debbies Spring Time Smile Giveaway!

I've been playing this one daily, it's not an instant win, but it might get me something awesome for Spring time from little debbies. You can enter everyday til its over. Remember you can't win unless you PLAY.

Little Debbies Spring Time Smile Giveaway.

Friday, March 2, BzzAgent Test

I have been testing my skills by taking a test on Smarterer. There are other tests you can take, see if you know more than your friends! I had fun w/the disney test too, lol. It gets competitive, so try it.
I just got expert in Smarterer for BzzAgent, I've been Master before, so I NEED to get back there again. I'm only 50 pts away from master, so hopefully I can achieve it before the campaign ends.