Monday, February 20

Kroger, Daytona Instant Win Game.

To enter this one you have to have a Kroger shoppers card. They are easy to get, just ask customer service. When playing the game, log into your account, You pick a car, then if your car wins, you win something. I just won a 24oz Jar of Ragu my first try. (today was my first try) The instant win game will be going on for the new 6 days, so try everyday to win something.

Play now! Remember you can play everyday this week.

Saturday, February 18

Super Points = Easy way to make $$ and Giftcards.

This company you Click a "Super Lucky Button", or Watch Videos to earn points towards paypal money, amazon money, or even store giftcards mailed to you. I prefer the paypal payment way myself. You can cash out depending on your rank. Higher the rank you are from getting referrals the less points needed to cash out. If you are only a Gold member you get 50 clicks, and can cash out at 1,000 pts, If you are platinum you get 100 clicks, and cash out at 500 points. Best thing to do is complete your profile, and build up your account, check your email every day for Bonus Super Lucky emails.

You will get 25 pts if you sign up with my link, thats just 475 points away from cashing out when you are Platinum. If you play everyday sometimes you are lucky, and can make a few hundred points a day. Super Lucky Button clicks reset at 3AM EST.

Monday, February 13

Purex, 50 bottles for 50 days Promo.

Purex is doing a daily sweepstakes for 50 days, and a chance to win a coupon for Triple Action laundry soap. I'm entering daily. ;) There will be 50 winners a day.

MyPoints, Easy Points to Get Rewards.

Here is what I just cashed out for today,

I've been part of MyPoints for a few months now, They will email you surveys/point offers for different types of purchases. I just do the surveys mostly.

Friday, February 10

My Favorite Vitamin Store =

Used the last of my Safflower Oil today, and just bought 3 more 32 fl oz bottles for $7.46(That's w/Shipping)
I'm really loving, When you sign up, you will get a $10.00 one time coupon code emailed to the address you signed up with. When you check out, there will be a place to put that code. Shipping is $4.99, If you want free shipping, You have to buy $49.00 worth.

What's also great about, You can pick out two free samples to add to your cart before checkout.
Also make sure you go to E-Bates first, and find Vitacost, you can make cash back through your Vitacost Purchase!!

I won a Cravebox from SheSpeaks off Twitter.

I'm a member of SheSpeaks, and they do samples/surveys/giveaways. Right now they have a beta thing called a "Cravebox", for $10.00 a month (that includes shipping) you get mailed 5 products to try, and test out. I was lucky enough to win January's CraveBox from a Twitter party. Their twitter parties are pretty fun, they give you weeks in Advance to RSVP your twitter name, Then the day of the party you answer/ask questions to them on facebook. You can win things from other companies, and they do Door prizes for people that RSVP'd.

Thank you SheSpeaks!
I won the High Flyers Wonderful Pistachios Contest! Go look at who is #1 on the site, well by default, because it's in alphabetical order Lol.

All you have to do is play the Angry Birds Game on Wonderful Pistachios Facebook, save a screen shot of your high school, then go upload it after you've played.

If you are drawn at random~10 winners a day, You will win a bag of pistachios, and an angry bird plushy!

Tuesday, February 7

GE Appliance Instant Win Game. I just won a 750.00 rebate.

If you are planning on using tax money this month to buy a new GE Appliance, I would play this Ge Instant Win Game, I just won a 750.00 rebate if I buy a new appliance from GE, There are instant prizes too.

Thursday, February 2

Recycle Bank Pantene Interactive Game for 25 pts.

Recycle bank is giving 25 points away for playing an interactive Pantene game.

Recycle Bank is a great website to keep up to date on companies that's making an effort on being green. You watch videos, read info, answer questions afterwards, and whatever points you make, you can cash in for coupons, or giftcards.

I cashed just 50 points in a few months ago and printed an Aveeno 2.00 off ANY product, because Kroger had aveeno body wash on sale for $2.50. Means, I paid just .50 cents for a $12.00 bottle of Body wash.