Thursday, November 7

Project Management Cloud Based Software, are you connected?

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What does it mean to connect to the Cloud?

Connecting to one another has come a long way.  It used to be screaming from the hollars, writing letters, telegrams,  pigeon carriers.. Then came Dial up,  Cable, Satellite, DSL,  3G, 4G, so many satellites, so many towers that having to physically connected to a wire to be networked to one another became a thing of the past.

Remember Serial Ports, and parallel ports? I'm really showing my age now. I'm a 32 year old female that grew up online.

My first computer was a Tandy 2000 from Radio Shack, all I really did on it was Play Commander Keen, and print school work and banners.  Back then you knew your DOS or you didn't get to run anything off your Floppy drives.  Then, in the 1990's I received an IBM with my first windows based software.  The upgrade from the Tandy and Dos, to Windows 3.1 made this girl happy.  I still think if you're a windows user, you should know how to execute any program while in MS-DOS.  After that things blurred together for me, electronics and software started to advance so fast it was hard keeping up with upgrades.  I didn't want dolls, or clothes for my birthday.. I wanted a new computer.  I then received a windows 95 Packard Bell.  After that,  and being on dial-up to high speed internet made such a huge difference.  I cannot express how far hardware and software has evolved. (Remember back orifice, if you do High-five!)

The technological advances since the 1950's for computer networking has came such a long way to what we enjoy every single day too.  The majority of us know no life without being connected. The right now, and the future is being connected to the Cloud.  To be able to be connected completely to your network without the need of a physical server.  It sounds almost too good to be true, but it's not too good.  It is  the now.

It used to be Hard Wired,  Wi-fi, Blue Tooth, and now the Cloud.  For example my printer is on the Cloud, I can print anywhere by just connecting to Cloud Print via Email.  The laptop I am currently typing this up on has Cloud Storage. I can't see life without being on the Cloud.  With Tenox you'll be able to take all your companies computers, handhelds, and cell's that has the app networked together on the Cloud.

But, what if your company has outgrown it's current network? Congratulations! 

It happens all the time, and you shouldn't be afraid of upgrading. Cloud-based Project Management Software from Tenrox makes it easy for online resource management, resource scheduling, project planning, time & expense tracking, project billing & cost reporting.

Now if your company is still using Pen & Paper, you should watch the free Cloud Webinar.

Tenrox is the only workflow-driven cloud solution designed to meet the challenges of managing globally dispersed services organizations and project work forces.

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Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post, but all opinions on being networked together, upgraded, my tandy 2000 computer nerdism is all on my own.  I truly believe software that makes being connected to the Cloud does, and will make life easier for all business, big, and small.