Thursday, July 26

Check out the newest updates on MEGABLAST and BLAST Speakers! Pretty impressive specs.

Just in time for summer, Ultimate Ears announced new updates for MEGABLAST and BLAST portable speakers to help them get smarter and better over time. New experiences for MEGABLAST and BLAST include:

Enhanced controls on the Ultimate Ears app: You can now control volume remotely from the app, which is especially useful if you have your music cranked up loud and want to use Alexa. You can also check battery status in two ways - either through the app, or right from the speaker by pressing the “+/-” volume buttons simultaneously. Starting in May, you can personalize your sound for any artist or music genre with the custom equalizer (EQ).

Voice control on Spotify and more (coming soon): Just ask “Alexa, play my Discover Weekly” or any music from Spotify on MEGABLAST and BLAST. Spotify will soon join other Amazon Alexa supported music services such as Amazon Music, Deezer and TuneIn globally; and Pandora, iHeartRadio and SiriusXM in the U.S. -- use your voice to control music from these streaming services over Wi-Fi. On Bluetooth, you can enjoy music from any of your favorite music services.

Check out more information on
Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST:  &
Ultimate Ears BLAST:

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BestBuy Photography Workshop Tour Dates Beginning July 28.

Did you know BestBuy does Photography Workshops? Whether you are a Beginner (Ask the Free In-Store Camera Experience experts what camera questions you have at any location) or Intermediatethere will be a BestBuy Workshop for you.  Photography Workshop Tours for Intermediates has a lot of extras but Available in:

Seattle, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, New York City and Minneapolis on 7/28 -

These are half-day excursions where you’ll get the chance to work with pro photographers & our Camera Experience Shop experts to conduct 4 individual photo shoots. - You’ll get to test & try an array of lenses & accessories to truly unleash what’s possible with photography, learn to think like a pro & walk away with some amazing photos. - At the end of the day in addition to lunch you’ll get a bag of camera goodies + if you share your photos on social media with the #BestBuyPhotoWorkshops you’ll be entered to win Best Buy gift cards or a dream photography package!

The intermediate events cost $50 – but you’ll easily make this up with the giveaways, lunch, transportation, and the priceless opportunity to work with pros!

If you are a beginner the Camera Experience Shop experts will help you in Store and then you can take the Immediate Workshop that's available again on 10/20 and 1/19.

The In-Store Photography Workshops for Beginners are FREE - Do you want to improve your photo game but you’re not quite ready for the Tours? Start with a free in-store photography workshop! - Only 2 hours long, these will cover the photography basics & allow you 1:1 interaction with our Camera Experience Shop Experts to walk through your camera’s settings.  Once you’re done, take the next step into the upcoming Photography Workshop Tours on 10/20 and 1/19. You're can sign-up to be notified when these go live for registration in the fall/winter.

All of this is possible thanks to Best Buy’s Camera Experience Shop. - It’s essentially like visiting a specialty camera store, right in the middle of your local Best Buy -They have expert help in the form of our Camera Experience Shop Experts who go through intensive photography training & are all photo enthusiasts themselves - There’s an expanded assortment of cameras, lenses & accessories that you won’t find in other locations. Plus you can get hands on with all the cameras & test and try them in the store

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Save $100 on the new HP envy x360 Laptop at BestBuy. Limited time!

Are you looking for a new laptop with some of the best specs out there? Touch Screen, Flipable 360 folding LED Screen that's available in 13 or 15 in, that's much, much nicer than a tablet. Or are you like me? I like to look/purchase Gifts throughout the year so on Holidays you aren't trying to budget just one month to make Gifts happen.

There is a promotion that ends on July 28, 2018 for $100 off on the Envy x360! (HP Envy 13in) (HP Envy 15in)

Check the Product Specs for the new HP Envy x360 Laptop:

Windows 10 operating system Windows 10 brings back the Start Menu from Windows 7 and introduces new features, like the Edge Web browser that lets you markup Web pages on your screen. Learn more ›

Built for Windows Ink Quickly jot down notes and ideas with ease.

Full HD touch screen The 1920 x 1080 resolution boasts impressive color and clarity. Natural finger-touch navigation makes the most of Windows 10. IPS technology for wide viewing angles. Energy-efficient WLED backlight.

8GB system memory for advanced multitasking Substantial high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run your games and photo- and video-editing applications, as well as multiple programs and browser tabs all at once.

360° flip-and-fold design Offers versatile functionality with laptop, audience, tabletop, presentation and tablet modes.

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Thursday, June 21

Have you ever wondered why so many people freelance for work nowadays?

Have you ever wondered why so many people freelance for work nowadays? I can tell you why I like the freedom to take different campaigns from companies that they need specific photos, and feedback from reviews for - it is because I find it convenient to work from home. There are days that I don't even turn on a computer while doing most of the work that I need on my smartphone watching my son.

Many still do not believe that these kinds of working from home jobs are out there. According to Forbes 50% of employees will work from home as Freelancers by 2020. The need for positions in specific niches that individuals are good at  and to get the job done is on the rise. The good thing about being a freelance Consultant is you do basically everything on your own time and when it's convenient to you. Sure you get a deadline that you have to meet and it's a situation where you have to problem solve, but it's both mentally & financially rewarding.

Ever wonder how to start a profitable consulting business? You just need to think about and learn what type of business you want to have knowledge of. It can even be as simple as helping solve a problem that they may not have had any in business suggestions for, or even as a freelance Consultant you could use your resources built up to make this job run smoothly, and fix any problem. Networking amongst other Freelancers and Companies are very important, and why it makes a Freelancer an important position. Before companies would have to train employees for this, which costs extra money, and more time. Now a company can just hire a Freelancer Consultant to come in.

Any one can hire a Freelance Consultant. Maybe you need help with letting go of things you collected over the years? Maybe you need someone else's point of view to make suggestions about your work that you've hit a mental block on. There are Consultants in every industry that are the best at their jobs, since that's all they choose to make a niche in.

Consulting a business is an easy way to get freelance work in. Unlike typical pyramid schemes you don't need to invest any money to get your business started in freelance Consulting. These type of freelance jobs do not need you to buy thousands of dollars in leggings, oils or candles that money has to be upfront. The most important things that you need to know about being a freelancer is the knowledge of the business that you are trying to be a consultant in. With technology and almost all knowledge at your fingertips nowadays online you can learn anything. There are even websites that break it down into 4 easy steps to become a business consultant. My favorite step is to rewire your brain and to believe that your time is worth being paid for mentality.

I enjoy working for all kinds of people and companies online. It is always evolving, always something to learn, always jobs available for a Freelancer unlike part time in person minimum wage positions that you aren't learning anything of importance in and that the companies do not value your work. As a freelancer, a company wants to know your suggestions, and pays fairly for your work.

Monday, June 18

Don't let anyone tell you video games are just for kids.

It is easy these days to be able to get online and search for different blogs that can help explain how to be successful in an array of different ways. I remember when I was younger that the internet just really started that maybe you would have been only able to find a few sites that were willing to give you a specific outline for the successful in a career for online either code or online Commerce. Everyone back then wanted to be paid to teach you how to even get to the point of going to school for something like this

What I really enjoy about online and Technology nowadays is everyone is willing and excited to openly share how they became successful. It's very relatable to a person when they break down in an outline how they managed to juggle everything from just regular life School and pursuing their dream of making it in the industry that they wanted to learn.

We live in an age that it's is 100% acceptable to be a dreamer. Not only is it okay to be a dreamer but we live in an age that we make our dreams come true. Anything is possible these days you just take the time to research and learn what it is you have to accomplish to get to a certain point. I can't imagine a life without the internet. There are still certain Generations that don't understand the internet is not a bad place. Online is what you make it. If you want to make online be this huge open domain public Library of information that is mostly free information on how to make something become a reality.

There is a misconception that only certain types of people can make it in a business atmosphere. In this day in age it is the dreamers that make it happen. Without the dreamers that wanted to make parts of our life easier whether it be by developing apps, websites, and video games life would still be people going to pay bills in person or send the checks via United States Postal Service. Every app is miraculously coded for the program itself line by line, along with security measures embedded into these programs. I know that there are still people who don't trust online websites or transactions. I am the opposite of that I trust secure sites more than I trust physically sending my information on a piece of paper where numerous hands touch it and it could be delivered to the wrong place opens and everything is there for someone to take. I like that online things leave a trail that I can see what transaction number it is where things are being delivered to instantly. Really if it weren't for the persistent dreamers that's made it a reality none of the currents comforts that we rely on nowadays would be possible if it weren't for these people like Adrian Rubin, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.

It is okay to play those video games, it is okay to dream of creating those games yourself in the future. If playing those video games helps develop imagination, and the once to create something even better than the last, always strive for that dream to make it into a reality. You can do it! Don't let someone tell you there is no career or money in apps or video games or online businesses. When we live in a world and are at a place in time that if it were not for these people that wanted to make it's easier to find information online we would still be like it's back in time, wasting gas, time, and money doing basic errands we now can do online within minutes making more time be available for learning things, like what apps every social media manager should be utilizing online to make things run more smoothly. I generally like reading other success stories and what works for them and how it could work for me. Many like self-help books, I like reading about people like myself that grew up playing video games, and online that made it into a career and invent d things!

Saturday, June 9

No more choosing between enjoying great weather or watching the game with SunBriteTV & Best Buy

No more choosing between enjoying great weather or watching the game with SunBriteTV & Best Buy

Get a free: Outdoor Weatherproof Tilt Mount for 37" - 80" TV Screens & Displays - (Black) with the purchase of: SunBriteTV - Veranda Series - 55" Class LED - Outdoor - Full Shade - 2160p - 4K Ultra HD TV

Creating an outdoor home theater is the most affordable room addition you can make, and the best seat in the house is in your backyard!

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Thursday, May 31

Looking for the perfect Father Day Gift that can be forever?

Personalized Photo Jewelry creates the finest Photo Pendants and Charms, Gold Lockets, Silver Lockets and other Personalized Photo Jewelry in the industry. We create lasting photo lockets and photo jewelry keepsakes using only the finest 14k gold, white gold and Sterling Silver. You send us your photos and using our patented technology we laser engrave your pictures in color right on our gold lockets, silver lockets, locket charms and most of our custom jewelry. The results are gorgeous gold lockets or silver photo lockets that open to reveal your photos and can be worn as a beautiful photo or picture locket.

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