Monday, July 5

Surry County Virginia Hates Special Needs Children.

I know it's been awhile, but I have been dealing with a lot.  I've come to the conclusion that Surry County Virginia hates special education students.  

Vic didn't get to go to ESY today.  Surry Countys transportation had another kids car seat in the small vans center seat improperly anchored and no longer able to put down the center seats to reach his adaptive car seat that's in the back seat.  And straps everywhere on the seats to where Vic couldn't even crawl in let alone us get in on our knees to buckle him in.  The transportation aide was still sitting in the front seat out of reaching distance from Vic, even after all these emergency IEP meetings about not letting him out of his adaptive car seat and how the aide is there to aide him not joy ride in the front seat.  The van is too small for another child's car seat and too close to each other.  These children have no impulse control and will pinch and pull each others hair.  Why is it okay to sit them close to eachother yet the aide cant sit reaching distance.  Also no one answers the phones when he is being transported.  You'd think someone would atleast answer phones. 

At this point, this is beyond neglect and I've reached out to Virginias Department of Education numerous times.  Still, Surry Transportion does whatever they want disregarding the safety of Special Education Students. 

Year after year. Still not doing what's in his IEP.

1. They've allowed Sy to flip over the back seat and strangle himself due to improperly anchored adaptive car seats.  

2. They've allowed him to unbuckle himself.

3. They've told me they are afraid of Sy like he's a Monster.

4. Surry counties Transportation Director REFUSES to show ANY video proof during EVERY single incident.  

5. The transportation Aide sits in the front seat next to the driver not even reaching distance to the students that have BiPs and Elopement plans.  

6. Vic is getting none of his therapies tho Surry is being fully funded for his weekly OT, PT and Speech.  

7. Vic has tight Achilles heels & he's physically too big to fit his legs behind the vans 2nd seat.  And they still make him CRAWL into the seat. 

8. Vic's name is in Surry Elementary Schools year book for the last 3 years with no photo of Vic because he's never included in anything dealing with Surry County Virginia. 

Something is not right that the school has a small trailer in the back of the elementary school like it's a disappoint room for special education students and the other schools have a budget of 1.4 million just for a roof to be fixed at the highschool yet Special Ed children have nothing at Surry.  

I just want Vic to be safe. I just want people to understand And be trained for Children with severe Autism. Theres a reason why he has an Elopement plan and a BiP. The fact that this County refused to implement his IEP from WJCC schools when its in the same state is full on neglect and I've continued to reach out to VDOE.  At this point Surry Elementary, The Special Ed Director for Surry, The Board of Supervisors for Surry County, VDOE, all should be investigated on wheres the funding going for Vic's Therapies and a safe ride to and from school. They are going against a disabled childs civil rights. 

Vic is nonverbal, has no communication. He knows basic wants/needs. Anything can be happening to him and Surrys Transportation department refuses to show the video.  I'm sick of being lied to and I'm sick of them not taking Vic's transportation safety important.  They don't even do any fire/break down drills.  The van is unmarked. Has nothing marked about being a school vehicle or handicapped vehicle.  Since Vic is nonverbal that camera should be important.  I've asked just to see any clip to make sure it's a working camera? They won't show anything and Sy is the only one riding. The van is too small to transfer another student. That's why I don't understand what were they thinking this morning. 

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