Thursday, July 22

AGAIN! Surry County Va Transportion Department Let's A High Risk Elopement Autistic Child unbuckle himself completely.

(That is Sys Car seat I've circled. That's how far back he is from safety, that's the only image I've ever seen, and Sy wasn't even in the video. When he flipped over the back seat and choked himself the video magically never worked, all the times he got out, the video didn't work.) 

I wanted to update with good news.  I wanted to assure others, and myself that there is hope in Surry County Virginias Transportion Department keeping a severely autistic child safe while in their care.  This isn't that update. 

It's a different aide, that I was told knew how to handle autistic children, that he's trained.  That he's good with the severe.  Then why did I get a phone call not even 10 minutes after he's in Surry County Virginias Transportations care that he's completely unbuckled a 4 point harness, the seatbelt, and got out his seat while in motion on a back road? I sit beside Sy every week when we go grocery shopping. I don't let him unbuckle himself. He does listen to commands, prompts. As adults, and as his aide, they should know how to transition, defuse situations, to keep autistic children safe. 

Click here for Video of me putting Sy in the van, and how little head & leg room he has

Mrs. Bertha Thomas is Surry Countys Transportation Director. Her solution was to bring Vic home.  Vic has already missed more days than he's gone the past year due to Transportions issues.  

I don't understand how they can transport the highest elopement risk student they have for 40 minutes one way in a small unmarked van (Sy has tight Achilles heels and his legs dig into the back of the seat, they suggested to take out the mini vans center seat and that's creating even more problems,) it was my idea to get a wifi hotspot for the van so he can watch him Backyardigans.  

Their only jobs are to get children to school while keeping them safe.  Vic is not safe in their care. This is almost surreal. How can this be happening? Why isn't any of this learnable to any of them? There is no error allowed for elopement plans.   

Everyone talks about adults mental & behavioral health. What about our children's right now?!!!!

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