Wednesday, July 28

They drove 10 mins with Sy unbuckled and he slammed his head into the ceiling of the Van.

The van footage from 7/24/2021 shows Sys carseat unbuckled for 10 minutes before Sy basically flies out of his seat, jumps up and slams the top of his head hard against the mini vans ceiling. Not once did the aide try to buckle him back in before that happened. And when Sy did that the Adaptive Carseat flung forward with him too, exposing the back of it. No carseat should do that!!!! When I asked was it properly installed? Thats not installed right. The Vice Superintendent Mr. Wooden asked if that was a rheotrical question when he just saw the same video that we all sat there and watched together.  All the Special Ed Director Mrs. King acknowledged was that the aide kept calm. What I saw was the aide was distracted by the IPad, doesn't know how to handle severly austistic children, his leg was touching Sys leg, and Sy kept kicking him to get his leg off of his. Not once during the beginning of the ride did the aide check Sys straps and Sy was slouched down, loose, clearly visible that he had unbuckled himself.  The school staff keeps bringing up the Aides and Drivers safety but this is ABOUT THE STUDENT, not them. Keep Vic safe. They didn't even tell me he hit his head that hard on the top of the mini vans ceiling. I didn't know about that til today. An incident report and him being seen by the nurse or a doctor should have been made.  This is ridiculous that they think they are doing everything by law they should be.  This is not a safe way of Transportion if they can't even see that he's unbuckled. In the video you only hear him tell Vic no a few times.  Sy needs repetitive ques. Surry County Virginias Transportations department is not trained for Special Needs children. They say they have a paper certificate but they have no hands on training for severly autistic.  I asked if a Car seat specialist showed them how to install the adaptive carseat, they lied.  They bought the carseat onljne and they take it out the mini van every other week for another student that's not big enough for it's weight limit.  I offered to ride with them to show how to handle Sy, what he likes, doesn't like, my offer was declined, again. It's like they don't want to learn about him or help him. They think because they have high functioning autistic kids that it's the same, when obviously it's not. How is this not neglect to allow a child with an elopement plan to stay unbuckled for that long of a time while the vehicles in motion? Tranportation also lost the seatbelt cover that was purchased from the last Emergency IEP meeting.  That wasn't even addressed either.  They don't care about Sy, all they want to mention at the meetings is funding, and how there's no drivers.  Honestly that's none of my concern. That's their job to make that work and keep Sy alive and safe during his ride to and from school. Maybe they could get aides if the website for Surry County wasn't just hiring CDL bus drivers.  

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