Tuesday, July 27

Autism ignorance in Surry Virginia.

(I've added photos of Vic and DeeDee, even DeeDee is better than Vic's (Sys) Transportion Aides at redirecting Sy, and DeeDee is 3 years old. He calls Vic his Baby.)

NOT ALL AUTISM children  are the cute, high functioning, quirky part of the spectrum. Autism is Challenging, learning to adapt for the child, if you're not up to the challenge, or learning to aide a child on the severe end of the spectrum why even work with autistic children. It's very hands on. It's very much watching ques, learning to transition, deescalate, allowing a cool down, always being on high alert.  SEVERLY autistic like my son, have no impulse control or concept of fear.  Honestly if you can work with the end of the spectrum that Sy is on, you can work with many behavioral needs. When I lived in Williamsburg,  Va and Sy attended the Center  for Autism I would sign waivers for students being certified in AbA to get their training hours with Sy. 

Surry County Virginia still doesn't get it they just can't shift blame, or make excuses, that they need to do their jobs, train their people for disabled students. If they don't know, they should reach out to Autism Centers, or the ABA therapists. I've offered to ride along to show how I give Sy verbal ques. Tell him no, no hands, be nice, personal space, etc. Sign, ALL DONE. SIGN TABLET. They aren't using any communication with him. The ESY aide came into my work last night to say "off record he hopes Sy is kept safe," Sorry not sorry, man, I don't do off record when it comes to my son and the ignorance this School County has for the severely autistic.

The whole reason he unbuckled himself completely this time was because Sy bent the aides glasses and the driver pulled over. Stopped the vehicle. For that. making Sy think he was getting out.


Out of the aides own mouth "it shocked him and the driver, and they had to pull over." HELLO THIS IS NORMAL BEHAVIOR FOR SEVERLY AUTISTIC. If you take it to heart, if a simple bend of an eyeglass, smack, melt down, shocks you.. you don't know autism.

Also out of his own mouth "I don't like touching the students," Sy IS HAND to HAND, highest elopement risk student Surry County has. You need to be trained into how to hold his hand, the top of his shoulder, or to transition, how to deescalate situations. They made that situation worse. #VDOE #Autism #SeverlyAutistic #ASD #WrightsLaw #CivilRights #CommonWealth

Surry County Virginia is also making excuses they don't have the staff when they aren't actively trying to hire aides. They are only hiring CDL bus drivers.

#SurryCounty #Virginia #SurryCountyVirginia #SpecialEducation #SurryElementarySchool #SurryTourism

what's the point in Elopement plans, and Behavioral intervention plans when they refuse to learn to implement them.


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