Monday, May 14

Refilling my prescriptions at a Pharmacy that makes it easy.

I use coupons almost every day of my life to help supplement my income and be able to afford other things. I shouldn't have to spend hundreds on my advair diskus price for my Summer allergies. Medicines needed to maintain my life on a daily basis should not cost me more than all my utility bills combined. The truth is, medicine can be expensive, but there are Discount Prescription Cards that can be used with most Insurances and Pharmacies out there. I feel like I've found a secret that everyone that pays for medicines should know about too.

Saving up to 80% on prescription drugs seems almost too good to be true. Imagine an app that has a discount medicine card that searches over 35,000 pharmacies for the most affordable way to fill a script. Finally, there is an app available that searches well-known pharmacies for over 50,000 used medications that list what your out of pocket will be while using this discount card Sometimes the discount card makes it even cheaper than a co-pay will be.

A lot of people filling prescriptions are not utilizing these discounts. The benefits of apps like these are it can be used for both iOs, Android, and Apple. If you have neither, you can still use the search options online or even call to compare prices, and know an estimate of what everything will cost, including services like Dental. I didn't even know Dentists offered discounts using cards like these. I'm always making a million excuses why I can't afford the Dentist, now I have no excuse why I can't shop around for reasonable prices.

If you already use CVS or places like Walmart there are other incentives available. Like $5 off using the discount card the very first time. Using the card is as simple as any other loyalty card, you give the Pharmacy Technician the card, they enter the BIN and PCN number found on your card, and will tell you the new price. These type of cards are not an insurance card, but more so a discount card to use with your insurance. Also, if you are using CVS pharmacy make sure your prescriptions are linked to your CVS Rx Rewards.  You will get extra care bucks back free at CVS after so many refills. I mean if your already getting medicine filled you might as well be part of every loyalty program stores offer.

Personally, I like to shop around and find great deals on everything that is a must to buy in my household, that includes medicine. Finding a location that can make my medicine cheaper is exactly what I needed. Being a family on one income, and a parent to a special needs child it can feel overwhelming juggling everything, especially money. I believe in living on a budget, and utilizing loyalty card incentives at stores, while also using coupons. It's a great service to have, and use. Instead of wasting hours calling around, and being on hold - the app can search locations around you to find out what is the cheapest location to use your Discount Card at. Never be ashamed at wanting to save money for your families needs.

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