Friday, April 29

What's for Dinner? Gluten Free Eggplant Parm Extremely Low Carb #Fried #Eggplant #PorkRind #Breading #Garlic #Powder #Salt #Pepper #Foodie #Love #GuessWhoseMakingEggplant #Parmesan

I absolutely love Pastas, and this was a great substitute for it. I breaded the eggplant with Crushed Pork Rinds ( The pork rinds have enough salt, so I didnt add any salt in with the other seasonings,) added Garlic Powder, Pepper, and Italian Seasoning to the Pork Rind Mix before dipping the Eggplant slices into Egg, and then into the Rind Mix, I did this just once, but it was easy to pack onto. Also having a pan of Olive Oil just 1/2 thick, and already warm/hot is Key to frying these up, and keeping the Mixture on for an evenly brown. I did a layer of Egg plant, a layer of ground meat, sauce, layer of eggplant, layer of black olives, and a layer of Cheese. It's one of my favorite meals.

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Wednesday, April 27

One of a kind, personalized Mothers Day Locket #Review #MothersDay #Gifts #PicturesOnGold #Spon

If you are looking for a one of a kind, personalized Mothers Day Gift, you should definitely check out  There are 1,000's of designs to browse through or to make your own. The process of uploading the images are easy. It's as simple as choosing which type of Gold, or Silver Locket, along with Font, and image location.  I used the Locket Making app on their website on my cell phone. So it was convenient for me. There are other ways to order by using a computer, or by calling them.  Shipping was fast, and free for over $75.00.  

My little man is 5 years old, and I chose the Heart Locket, with his Initials laser etched on the front. Inside it has etched "Love, Sy" on the Left, with the image from his last Birthday etched on the Right. It is beyond adorable, and I wear it everyday.  The chain is comfortable, and I get asked where did I have it done. I received product to Review, all opinions are my own from personal experience.

Wednesday, April 13

1800NYCBagels #Review Bagels Delivered directly to YOU! #Spon

Did you know you can get Fresh baked NY Bagels delivered to you in just a few days?  I am blown away at the assortment of bagels that were delivered to me from  I received the assorted dozen of bagels and they were huge, fresh, and perfect.  The whole family loved them, and each had their favorite ones.  My favorites were the Poppy, and Blueberry Bagels.

These would be such a thoughtful gift.  If you don't know what type of bagel a person likes, you could always get them a 1800NYCBagel Gift Card to use themselves, and they can set up their monthly shipments.  I get excited over subscription boxes, and this to me is just like that.  It's always something to look forward too.  I Received Product for Free for my Review, all opinions are my own.